CarTech – New Opportunities for an Old Industry

car technologiesTechnology media are obsessed with the topic of autonomous vehicles. Major car makers spend billions of dollars on self-driving technologies. At the same time, 55 percent of respondents in an Insurance Information Institute Pulse survey conducted in May 2016 said that they would not ride in an autonomous vehicle. While technology is advancing at an impressive speed, it will take years (and probably, even tens of years) before the legal system and human psychology catch up.

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Building a Bridge Between Music and Technology

music analyticsThere is a big issue of distrust among musicians towards technology. The majority of independent artists sees technology companies as evils who are trying to rip them off. Additionally, they are skeptical about a machine’s ability to judge a song’s emotional impact and afraid that algorithm-driven economics will kill genuine creativity and individuality.

Big Data for Big Brands

At the same time, the industry leaders have clearly recognized the value of big data. Over the last years, we’ve seen a series of acquisitions of music intelligence startups made by streaming companies: Spotify bought The Echo Nest and Soundwave, Apple Music bought Semetric (the creator of Musicmetric), and Pandora bought Next Big Sound.

Playlists have become the most vital format for music discovery. Listeners are no longer interested in passive music consumption based on “one size fits all” rule. They are looking for custom solutions and tailored recommendations.

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Healthcare and Hackers

health care and hackersAt first, the typical criminal was a scary guy with a big gun who robbed banks and random victims in dark alleys. Then there were the black hat hackers capable of stealing money and personal information from financial organizations and countless people in the blink of an eye, without even leaving their homes. The internet has brought equality: it doesn’t matter if you are an investment banker in New York or the typical working-class family in the midwest, you run into the same risks of being hijacked by stealth criminals who hide behind their computers all over the world.

As if that wasn’t enough to scare you, the latest trend in cyber threats is even more serious, because it doesn’t only threaten your money, but your very health—possibly even your life.

Our world is filled with the data that our internet-connected devices generate, and we have come to depend on it for carrying out our daily tasks. While this has upgraded our efficiency and opened new opportunities, it has also made us more prone to danger than ever before. Can you imagine hackers controlling your smart home or your connected car? Then try to think what would happen if they could exploit your health data, or perhaps an implanted medical device, like your father’s pacemaker.

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New Gadgets For Better Aging

senior healthcareAging in the 21 century

Technology is only meaningful when it improves human life. While life expectancy in the developed world is continually increasing, the elderly members of our society are often burdened by age-related chronic conditions that hinder their quality of life.
At the same time, modern day seniors don’t want to be locked at home or in medical facilities. Retirement has become the age of new discoveries. Babyboomers are increasingly involved in social networks, use smartphones and look for new ways to make their lives more enjoyable. Home automation technologies, mobile apps and healthcare innovations are among the developments which seniors can benefit from the most.
While the majority of high-tech companies is targeting millennials and middle-age adults, fortunately, more and more newcomers realize the potential of serving the older population.

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Break A Leg

Collision conference“Break a leg,” said my host. I had just come to Boston to learn English and was very nervous about my assessment test. I was shocked by the hostility of her statement.  Why would she want me to get hurt? It was only several weeks later when I realized that she didn’t want anything bad to happen to me. Since then, I’ve learned a lot about American English and myself.

A Collision After Collision

Recently, I attended the Collision Conference in New Orleans. Being very excited, I made detailed plans about every session I wanted to attend and every social gathering I was looking forward to. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to my plan. I fell at the airport and ended up in a wheelchair.

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6 Stylish Devices for the Renaissance Man or Woman

traditional technologyWe live in the fast paced world of modern technology: mobile gadgets, smart gizmos and informational overload. Sometimes, it feels depressing or intimidating. More and more people find their escape and peace in an old charm of the latest gadgets which look like familiar, traditional things. They bring back happy childhood memories and a sense of stability when everything around seems to be so uncertain and ever changing. This trend is not a symbol of being old and conservative. Actually, it is becoming an important part of the young urban lifestyle. A great example of this shift is a variety of hugely successful Kickstarter campaigns for vintage looking-gadgets which attracted a lot of enthusiastic supporters.

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Mastering Crowdfunding PR with Elena Mikhaylova

crowdfunding publicityFor anyone who didn’t catch Narek’s interview with Elena Mikhaylova in The Winners’ Program, we thought we’d do a quick round up – a ‘how to start crowdfunding’ for all you public relations (PR) newbies out there. Actually, it turned into a bit of a master class for us old hats as well! So, what does Crowdfunding’s very own PR wizard have to say about enticing your audience, attracting media attention and making your campaign a success?

In two words; valuable relationships. This was the point Elena kept emphasizing throughout our interview, and it’s one that really sets her advice apart from the endless articles on crowdfunding PR currently peppering the internet.

“Of course, media relations is completely different now to when I started 20 years ago.” Elena begins by way of introduction, “Then press attention was reliant on your reputation and the strength of your media contacts, now reporters get messages all the time from campaigners begging for support. Waste their time once, and they won’t bother with you again.”

So, for a professional, what constitutes time wasting? “A one-sided correspondence.” Elena answers without hesitation, “A plea to share, support or publicize a campaign that offers journalists absolutely no benefit.” This is where forging those valuable relationships comes in.

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Think About It Before You Look For VC Funding

startup fundraisingRecently, I attended a Startup Grind conference in Redwood City, CA. It has exceeded my expectations, so I’d like to share some of the expert opinions on the topics that are critical for startup founders in search of the sources for growth.

Do You Need To Raise Funds From VCs?
Investor Relations – Founders’ And VCs’ Expectations
Business Plans And Changes
A Founder’s Role

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The Best Innovations for the Trendy Business Traveler

trendy-business-travelerThe hustle and bustle of traveling for business can get pretty hectic, but there are a few cool products that are coming out in 2016 which will take the fuss out of life on the road and make the time away from home a little more enjoyable.

With these technological innovations, the next time you travel, you can expect to have a less stressful experience. The convenience and peace of mind these devices provide will keep you going as you bounce between airports, hotels and business meetings. Stop wearing yourself out – feel comfortable and confident, and it will result in a better outcome for your business and personal life.

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Gamification In The Healthcare Industry

RAPAEL Smart GloveOver the past few years, we’ve seen a rapid growth in the number of wearables, fitness and nutrition apps as well as fun tools for our daily routine (such as “smart tooth brushes” connected to smartphones with games and competitions).

Even more dramatic effect gamification is playing in the healthcare industry, where doctors very often deal with  depressed and unmotivated patients. Keeping them engaged through games and an easy user interface can make a difference in helping millions of people to get their lives back.

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