Expect to See a Significant Increase in Crowdfunding Projects by Asian Inventors in 2016

crowdfunding asiaCrowdfunding continues to grow globally. The largest rewards platform, Kickstarter, has hosted close to 100,000 successfully funded projects and has assembled a community of almost 10 million backers. It has been aggressively expanding internationally this year. Some studies suggest that most of the growth in 2015 has come from overseas backers. Still no Asian countries have been included in the list of locations whose residents are allowed to launch a project on the crowdfunding platform. However, we strongly believe that this will change within the upcoming year and wanted to see entrepreneurs from which Asian countries have been most active on Kickstarter up to date.

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DIY PR For Startups At The CES In Las Vegas

PR for startupsLast year’s International Consumer Electronics Show was another record breaking event, boasting 170,000 visitors and more than 3,700 exhibitors. One of the fastest growing areas at CES is startup arena where hundreds of young companies from around the world showcased their products hoping to find new partners and capture the attention of industry media. Unfortunately however, one of the main complaints I heard from startup exhibitors was “We are just a small company. We can’t compete with Sony, Samsung, LG, etc. for attention. Journalists don’t want to talk to us”.

I happened to be among these “bad journalists” and I’d like to give you some ideas that will make your next show experience a lot more rewarding.

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How To Pitch Your Crowdfunding Project To The Media

crowdfunding PRDuring the three plus years I’ve been involved in crowdfunding, I’ve spoken to hundreds of entrepreneurs who either wanted to, or were already running crowdfunding campaigns.

I see a lot of startupers whose primary goal is to create a buzz around their project, and only secondarily want to raise funds. Unfortunately, the vast majority of crowdfunding campaigns disappear without attracting a single news article or a blog post.

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Kickstarter VS Indiegogo

crowdfunding websitesThere are more than a thousand crowdfunding platforms currently active online. The vast majority of them are barely alive and will not help you attract potential backers. In this article, we are going to compare the two most popular platforms so you can make an educated decision as to which one works best for you. Continue reading on Pulse

Crowdfunding Strategy: How To Decide On Your Funding Goal

funding goal on kickstarterOne of the first decisions every potential crowdfunding creator has to make is how much money s/he is going to ask for. There is no simple answer, but I’d like to share with you several things to keep in mind and strategies to consider.

  • How Much Do You Need?
  • How Much Can You Realistically raise?
  • What Is The Main Goal Of Your Crowdfunding Campaign?
  • Strategies To Consider.

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The Perfect Kickstarter Page Structure

how to run successful kickstarterOne of the most important ingredients in the recipe for success when crowdfunding is your project’s fundraising page. There is no reason to spend time, money and efforts driving traffic to your Kickstarter campaign, if your page doesn’t sell.

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How To Find Serial Kickstarter Backers

crowdfunding helpKickstarter is the symbol of crowdfunding for most people who have ever heard of the phenomena. But, besides the brand recognition, Kickstarter’s most valuable asset is the community of serial backers. There are over 2 million people who have supported more than one project on the site and over 40,000 people who backed 25 or more projects. Many of these people pledge not just their money, but their time and efforts and feel emotionally involved in everything that is going on on the website.

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10 Red Flags Used To Spot Crowdfunding Scams and Con Artists

crowdfunding scamLast week the crowdfunding world was shaken up by a new scandal. Kreyos, a smart watch project, which raised $1.5 million on Indiegogo, was called out for being a scam by backers and media publications. Thousands of the backers are angry and promise to never again support new campaigns.

Unfortunately, it seems to be happening more and more often. The delivery rates are low for crowdfunding campaigns. For example, according to our research of 300 wearable technology projects earlier this year, only 18% of flexible funding campaigns on Indiegogo have resulted in the products being delivered to the backers.

We are not professional investors and don’t have the expertise/time/desire to do a due diligence check. Still, how can we avoid con artists or just those who don’t have the skills and expertise to bring the product to the market? I’ve created a list of the red flags to watch for and would love to  hear your feedback and addition to it. Continue reading on Crowdcrux.com