Crowdfunding East Conference


August 28th, 2013

Harvard Faculty Club

Cambrige, MA

Keynote: Crowdfunding Developments

  • Daryl Montgomery (NY)


9-30 am – 10-20 am First Panel: Business of Crowdfunding

  • Amanda L. Barbara, Vice-President at Pubslush (NY)
  • Spencer Taylor, Co-Founder and CBD at Launcht (MA)
  • Carl Wargo, Co-Founder and COO at u-Wish (OH)
  • Mark Shreve, Co-Founder and Director of Client Success at WeDidIt
  • Thos Niles, VP of Product and Consumer Experience at Dragon Innovation (MA)


10-30 am – 11-20 am Second Panel: Lessons from Success Stories

  • Mark Bollman, at Ball and Buck, raised almost $70,000 on Kickstarter (MA)
  • Ronjini Mukhopadhyay, owner at The Silver Telegram, raised over a million dollars for her clients (CA)
  • Patty Lennon, Intuitive Coach and Business Consultant, raised almost $8,000 on Indiegogo (CT)
  • Bruno Sinopoli raised more than $641,000 on Kickstarter for his project “UDOO: Android Linux Arduino in a tiny single-board computer



Case Study: SticknFind: Sticking to the Mind of Consumers through Crowd Funding

  • Ronjini Mukhopadhyay, owner at The Silver Telegram (CA)


11-30 am – 11-50 am Presentation: Enterprise Crowdfunding: How Employees Can Overcome Organizational and Geographical Boundaries to Co-Create Innovation and Collaboration

  • Michael Muller, Werner Geyer, Todd Soule, at IBM Center for Social Business (MA)

11-55 am – 12-45 pm Third Panel: Supporting University Innovation through Crowdfunding

  • Navah Fuchs, Co-Founder at Angel Ed (MA)
  • S. Ryan Meyer, Founder at Alumni Funder (CA)
  • Natasha Chopp, Project Leader at Superior Ideas (MI)
  • Scott McIntyre, Managing Director at Primaq Development, C0-Chair of Education Committee at Crowdfunding Professional Association (OH)
  • Eugene Buff, Founder and President at Primary Care Innovation Consulting (MA)
  • Abby Adair Reinhard, Co-Founder and CMO at USEED (DE)

12-45 pm – 2-00 pm Break

Workshop: Crowdfunding Campaign Roadmap and Toolbox

  • Elena Mikhaylova, CEO at Crowdfund Productions (CO)

2-00 pm – 2-25 pm Presentation: Legal Framework for Business Financing

  • Brian Korn, Attorney at the Law Firm Pepper Hamilton LLP (NY)

2-30 pm – 3-20 pm Fourth Panel: Equity Crowdfunding Portals InvEscrowServices

Panel Sponsor: InvEscrowServices      

  •  Sang Lee, Founder and President at Return on Change (NY)
  • S. Ryan Meyer, Founder at Alumni Funder (CA)
  • Brad McGee, Co-Founder at iCrowd (MA)
  • Freeman White, Co-Founder and CEO at Launcht (MA)


3-25 pm – 3-40 pm Presentation: Self-Directed IRAs and Crowdfunding

  • James A. Jones, Founder and CEO at Self-Directed IRA Investment Institute and Vice President at the Kindom Trust Company (MA)


3-45 pm – 4-30 pm Fifth Panel: Alternatives to Equity Crowdfunding

  • Vincent Molinari, Founder and CEO at Gate Technologies (NY)
  • Ron Suber, Head of Global Institutional Sales at Prosper (IL)
  • Tracey Dodenhoff, Founding Director at Center for Research Innovation at Northeastern University (MA)
  • Richard Lucash, Co-Managing Director at SideCar Angels (MA)


4-40 pm – 5-30 pm Debate: JOBS Act – Fools Money or Financial Revolution

  • Brian Korn, Attorney at the Law Firm Pepper Hamilton LLP (NY)
  • S. Ryan Meyer, Founder at Alumni Funder (CA)
  • Daryl Montgomery (NY)


5-35 pm – 5-55 pm Keynote: Making Investment System Work for Progress and Innovation

  • Ron Suber, Head of Global Institutional Sales at Prosper (IL)



6-15 pm – 7-15 pm Cocktail Reception


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