MidWest Crowdfunding

crowd funding conference in Chicago 2013

Chicago, IL

November 15th, 2013


9-00am – 9-25am Keynote: Latest Developments in the World of Crowdfunding

9-30am – 10-20am First Panel: Rewards and Donation Based Crowdfunding

10-30am – 11-20am Second Panel: Lessons from Success Stories

11-30am – 11-55am Presentation

12-00pm – 1-30pm Break

12-30pm – 1-30pm Lunchtime Workshop: Road-map and a Toolkit for an Effective Crowdfunding Campaign

1-30pm – 1-55pm Presentation: Legal Framework for Business Financing in the US

2-00pm – 2-50pm Third Panel: Crowd funding Real Estate Investments

3-00pm – 3-50pm Fourth Panel: Equity Crowdfunding Portals

4-00pm – 4-50pm Fifth Panel: Funding Options for Business Entities: Pros and Cons

5-00pm – 5-25pm Keynote: Financial Innovations for Progress and Innovations

5-30pm – 6-30pm Networking Reception

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