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 “A goal is a dream with a deadline”

Napoleon Hill

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Order A Complete Package Or Only A Service You Need

$50 – Consulting session

  •     Preliminary questionnaire
  •     An hour long Skype or phone call
  •     Email follow up with additional resources


$50 – Content ideas for media outreach, social media marketing and campaign updates


$100-$150 – Crowdfunding campaign page feedback and editing


$100 – Press-Release package:

  •     The press-release writing and editing (if necessary)
  •     Submission to the Google News


$125 – Media contact list (70-120 relevant journalists for YOUR campaign)


 $150 – Promotion Setup Package (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter):

  • Creating custom/tailored audiences on Facebook and Twitter
  • Finding most relevant subreddits
  • Creating 2 Twitter Cards, 2-3 Facebook ads, 3-5 Reddit Promoted Posts
  • Performance monitoring for 5 days and a report


$300 – 5-6 Pages Long Marketing Plan:

  •     Preliminary consultation
  •     Written plan
  •     Q&A session to discuss the plan


$350 – Media Outreach Package:

  •     Everything from the Press-Release Package Plus:
  •     Media contact list
  •     3-4 customized messages for the journalists
  •     Sending these messages to this list


$400 – Basic Consulting Program:

  •     Marketing plan
  •     Readiness evaluation 4-5 days before your launch day
  •     Mid-campaign consultation


$500-$700 – Social Media Marketing (per month) for all three networks or $350 -$500 for two of your choice:

  •     Twitter: minimum 300 new targeted followers, minimum 10 tweets per week, interacting with influencers
  •     Facebook: minimum 20 post on your page, sharing your information in at least 10 relevant groups, communications with fans, monitoring
  •     Linkedin: profile optimization, at least 250 new targeted connections, join minimum 20 relevant groups and post information there


$850 – Extended Media Relations (2 months):

  •     Everything from the Media Outreach Pack,
  •     Identifying top 12-15 journalists; connecting with them through social media and commenting on their articles/tweets/posts during 3-4 weeks prior to the campaign launch,
  •     Creating a content plan to offer different angles to the media,
  •     Responding to the messages from the journalists and bloggers from our list,
  •     Sending messages to additional journalists after the campaign launch,
  •     Communicating with targeted editors, journalists and bloggers on Twitter.

Starting at $150 – Online support of a client’s event participation

  • Offered to our clients participating in major events (like CES, TechCrunch Disrupt, ABC Kids Show, etc.) with a significant media presence and active Twitter feeds and Facebook pages. Includes active social media engagement for the duration of the event, plus a day before and after it through all relevant hashtags and communications with the media attending through emails and Twitter.

Special Offer For Our Overseas Clients (good only as a part of the crowdfunding packages):

  • Representation at major industry events held in the US (includes consulting, recommendations, PR support and representation at the event). $450 plus $250 per day, registration fee, marketing materials and travel expenses. Where available, local assistant – additional $100 per day.

$50 – Pitch Deck Feedback (only for our current clients)

  • Feedback on your PowerPoint presentation for private investors, up to 20 slides. The document is approx. 2 pages and doesn’t include verification of your pro-forma statements or other financials.

More complex services will require custom quotes.

Suggested Packages Based On Your Funding Goal:

If your goal is $5,000 or less:

  • Consulting Session
  • Crowdfunding Page Feedback

Price: $150

If your goal is $5,000 – $10,000:

  • Marketing Plan
  • Crowdfunding Page Feedback
  • Media Contact List
  • Press Release

Price: $625

If your funding goal is $15,000 – $20,000:

  • Basic Consulting Package
  • Crowdfunding Page Feedback
  • Basic Media Outreach
  • Promotion Setup
  • Social Media Marketing (1 month)

Price: $1,700

If your funding goal is $30,000 – $50,000:

  • Marketing Plan
  • Crowdfunding Page Feedback
  • Extended Media Outreach
  • Promotion Setup*2
  • Social Media Marketing (2 months)
  • Research/consulting/content management

Price: $3,000

If your funding goal is $50,000+:

Custom order $3,500 – $5,000

Who we are interested in working with

Our minimum requirements for potential clients:

  • You have at least basic idea about crowdfunding (not just from a success story you read in a newspaper). Look through Crowdfunding resources page to learn more.
  • You’ve researched some of the similar projects posted on crowdfunding portals
  • You already have an online presence (website, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc.) with REAL following
  • If it is your first project, your funding goal is below $100,000 (unless you have time and resources to prepare the campaign during several months)
  • You have an idea about the timing and budget necessary to deliver your product
  • You have time and desire to be involved in the crowdfunding campaign
  • You have time to prepare the campaign (several weeks to several months)
  • You are capable of listening and learning
  • You have money to pay for our service


Who is NOT our customer

  • People who have a live campaign on a crowdfunding platform. Ninety percent of success in crowdfunding depends on your actions PRIOR to starting a campaign. We can’t help you if you haven’t done your homework in advance. If you have a live campaign that seems to be close to death, your best option is to cancel it, to learn from your mistakes and to start over.
  • People who believe that crowdfunding is just about money. It is also about customer engagement, finding new partners, distribution channels, testing the market, PR, demand validation for potential investors, communicating with all stakeholders and showing that you have skills and commitment to deliver the product or idea.
  • People who can’t convince us that they are capable of delivering what they have promised. We want to be proud of the projects we participate in.
  • People who have unreasonable expectations. The fact that there is a potentially huge market for your product doesn’t mean YOU have what it takes to succeed in it. Look at the size of your EXISTING social networks, personal connections, relations with bloggers and journalists. How much would you get from the people your know if you start a campaign today? Think about the number, divide it by two. This is your starting point. The more money you want to raise, the more time and efforts it will take. Be ready for this journey.
  • People we can’t find information about through Google/Linkedin/Facebook. We want to know who we are helping to. Crowdfunding by definition is a very social model. So if you are too shy or have reasons to hide your previous activities, we are not comfortable working with you.
  • People who believe that crowdfunding success depends on advertising, buying Facebook fans and press release distribution. Crowdfunding is about communication; being able to listen to your fans AND CRITICS, and adding value to discussions beyond your own project. If you are not capable of talking about anything besides yourself, nobody (including us) is interested in listening.
  • Projects for music, video/film, apps, software, online communities, art, comics, games, crafts, dance, photography, publishing, theater.

Most campaigns fail before they go live on a crowdfunding platform. So don’t wait until the last moment (or after you have started the campaign). Attend our events, learn, ask questions, talk to the creators who have succeeded in reaching their fundraising goals.

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