Testimonials about crowdfunding services and events organized by Crowdfund Productions


Nicole Sollazzo Lee, CA: “Elena is extremely knowledgeable about the crowd funding arena. She has an excellent work ethic and completes each job in a timely manner. I would definitely hire her again!”

Jonathan Baty, SC: “Excellent… Very prompt, thorough and knowledgeable

Nancy Hayssen, CA: “Connecting with Elena was a blessing. Highly skilled. Communicative. Honest. Extremely efficient. On time. Everything you could ask for in hiring someone. She is an expert at crowdfunding and Kickstarter campaigns. She has helped tremendously in our strategy and taking action on a variety of tasks in a very short time. Highly recommended.”

Gregor John,  Scotland:I asked Michael to offer suggestions for perks or rewards for my crowdfunding campaign. These were good ones, and have sparked my creativity to expand on the whole idea of my campaign. Good investment. Michael is my new go-to man for crowdfunding! Thank you’

Martin Kabaki, CA: “A must-go-to person before you post any crowdfunding campaign! We highly recommend!”

Anne Sasser, MA:I really enjoyed Crowdfunding East, it was a great crash course”

Bill Joyce, Facilitator at North Texas CrowdFund Roundup, TX: “Elena Mikhaylova from the very beginning has worked to “get the message out” and her message is well worth listening to”.

Greg Thomason, CO: “I attended the CrowdFunding Pro & Con Conference, presented by Crowdfund Productions earlier this year; the speakers that took part made this event well worth the price of admission”.

Christie Dawson, TX: “Elena is awesome!!! I exceeded my goal 108% with her advice for my campaign”.

Kristi Koons, CA: “Elena’s professionalism and business insight make her workshops a ‘must attend’ for anyone wanting the freshest in marketing info and tools for crowdfunding.”

Adam Pressman, DC: “Elena is advancing the art of crowd funding and we’re delighted to be in the crowd creative community with her. Don’t miss her”.

Brad Wedell, CO: “I really loved your presentation, by far the most useful and content rich one that I attended during startup week, and I went to more than a few”.

 Hans Lak, Switzerland: “Together we build a brighter future, Switzerland:”Today one of the most promising tools to help enable economic growth, job creation, and innovation is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is one of the most viable means of funding new ideas, small business and job creation across the world. It is a highly democratic tool that is posed to have a disruptive impact on community, start-up and consumer finance by allowing value creation on many levels – Elena is one of the best ambassadors for Crowdfunding i have met around the globe! Elena is really making a Difference!”

Thomas Mills, Chief Executive Officer at Data Hosting and Recovery, Inc., NY: I met Elena through a Meetup Group. I was very excited about running a project on Kickstarter. She offered me help in evaluating my readiness to go live. It wasn’t an easy conversation! But I am grateful for Elena’s honest opinion and thoughtful recommendations. It turned out, I hadn’t been ready to run a crowdfunding campaign and didn’t realize how time consuming it was. Now we’re working on building “the tribe” and finalizing the pitch. I feel much more prepared and confident in our success thanks to Elena!”

Teresa Zoltanski,  Attorney and Pet Product Innovator: “Thanks for a great presentation today. It was the best overview of crowdfunding I’ve ever encountered. Very organized and comprehensive. If I or anyone I know needs help with crowdfunding, you are the “go to” person. Thanks again!”


Kyle Simmons, Denver, CO: “Very informative. Went in thinking I knew all things crowd funding. Came out realizing there’s a lot more to it”.


Richard Lucash, co-founder of two angel groups: SideCar Angelsand LaunchPad Venture Group, Boston, MA:“It was a great event; I learned a lot and met of lot of interesting people”.

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